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“It took me four years after leaving the Army before recognizing I was depressed. But when I did, I knew it was because I missed the military community. Why did it take so long? Because I was angry about departing unexpectedly and although I had denounced serving, a medical condition reminded me daily of who I used to be. My life had changed 180 degrees. I devalued my worth, lost confidence, and over 70% of my income diminished. I didn’t know who I was or how I could fit into society.

But all transitions don’t happen that way, you actually can prepare ahead of time, and it’s never too late.”

I’m Sistah Soldier,

it’s a pleasure to meet you, and I’m glad you stopped by. Whether we’ve met in person, you’ve watched my television show, read one of my articles, or simply located me on the web; I’m delighted you stopped by to connect with me. More importantly, somehow, there was a synergy that created this moment, and nothing happens without reason. This very moment presents an opportunity for you to design a different future starting right now. These programs emerged from personal life experiences. If you stick around long enough, you may notice we have many similarities. I’m always growing, and desire to encourage other spirited warriors traveling their Divine journey and seeking purpose to extend their faith and live full out. So, don’t be shy? Go for possibility and SOAR OUT LOUD!™ I’m cheering for you!

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I spent so much time struggling to get started, being uncertain of where to begin, living in yesterday’s experience, questioning my ability to fulfill dreams held inside of my being for a very long time. You see, almost 26 years ago, God provided the opportunity for me to escape an unhealthy domestic violence relationship as I silently cried for help. I was given 2, 3, 4,5, XXXXX chance(s) to live my life again. I didn’t understand the experience of being lonely, surrounded by danger, and filled with fear.  My tomorrows felt so far away, and dark days were ever so present. I didn’t think anyone cared, because I was just another statistic. I felt weak because I wanted to say something when most women wouldn’t.

Eventually, I realized God wanted me to trust Him through the process.  I did not know how He would use such a broken and torn Spirit or when?  I tried everything I knew, and it wasn’t working the way I’d plan. So, I said, “yes.”  My yes has led me through many dark tunnels while not knowing where I would end up. Somehow, there was always light at the end of the tunnel continued to inspire me. I knew I needed to Believe and have Great Faith.

I knew being depressed, worried, and feeling unworthy wasn’t right, and I had a choice to either remain in the situation and be killed or risk leaving and live. I didn’t want anyone else raising my children. I wanted to be there for them. So, I found the tenacity and strategically planned my departure. Being in the military, I couldn’t relocate without orders.   That short period of being at risk cost me my safety, yet “STILL I RISE!”

Yes, there’s a lot more to this story, and it’s in my past.  I’ve Spiritually matured since then, and now I’m called to guide other women (and a few men) who are currently facing similar situations. If you’re ready to move beyond the experiences of pain using intuitive practices to pursue your Divine passion and break through your limitations, perhaps one of these programs may assist you with getting there.

I’ve walked this path, and I know that it can take years to peel layers of hidden wounds to create a “new normal” lifestyle.  I couldn’t have achieved my breakthroughs without God as my partner. I’ve learned to trust Him by being still and knowing – He is God.  As I continue stepping into my voice, I reflect on the difference Grace, and Mercy can make for others like myself to find their voice.

There’s a new awakening on the inside of you waiting to be revealed and expressed through your career or business. It’s time for allowing it to EMERGE!


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