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Fear Is Not An Option; playtime is over

We are in difficult times, and there’s no room for passiveness. It’s time for the leader in you to show up and rescue yourself from unpreparedness! As a service member, we know what it’s like to stand up and take charge when needed or called to perform. We’ll this time, and you have to call yourself forward. We’re in an economy that’s not the same as it was two months ago.

Jobs are lost, and so is the ability to make money in traditional ways. So, it’s time for us to get creative. The things that we’ve been working hard for is at stake. So, we must stand up in our authenticity (whatever, that may look like). It’s a time when we have to find out what works for us as individuals and an opportunity to create the life we want.

The playing field is wide open.

But you can’t sit around having a pity-party. You must be intentional.

If you’ve been staying abreast of the news, you’ve since discovered that Americans have recently lost roughly 195 million jobs. The unemployment system has failed to accompany the millions of requests for compensation. Sadly, due to the circumstances, many of these jobs will not be returning. Restaurants closed, car dealerships are offering unique payment options (basically pay when you can type of deals), and department stores have furloughed employees. The Staffing Industry reports that at least 20% of CFO’s state they’re already under pressure to manage costs tightly and are sensing the opportunity and benefits of having a remote workforce. Those striving to utilize their ability to think outside of the box will implement and adjust their business idea for online usage. What type of service can you provide? What level of knowledge are you always sharing with others? Could that be one of your gifts? Perhaps, one that you can package and offer to someone remotely? Consider becoming an independent contractor and working remotely. As an independent contractor, you’ll provide your skillset to employers under remote working conditions. However, you call the shots. Being a contractor takes preparation, and you can have your business in operation within 3-5 weeks and be ready when the request begins to flow.

Not sure about contracting? Don’t cut yourself short by lining up for the shelters yet! These days, if you have a cell phone, a social media account, and a Paypal account, you can start a business. It’s not that difficult. Yes, there will be a learning curve, but we all have to start somewhere. Just start. The longer you wait, the longer the internet will be flooded with others who offer the same thing. Then, it may become difficult to find your services. I feel there’s no better time for the “real you to show up” because now we get to see the authentic you. The “passionate” you. The side of you that you’ve been too afraid to reveal to others, but because you’re in a corner, you must choose whether you will sink or swim. However, because I know you, you’ll decide to swim. I’m betting you will. Your survival skills will kick in, and you’ll do what’s necessary despite what it looks like because that’s who we are.

I intend to push you to be more and do more of what God has been asking you to do for a long time. Start utilizing your time wisely, create a plan, seek a mentor, and make it happen.

Get out there and share your gifts with the world.

Sistah Soldier is an inspirational leader who helps veterans, women, and minorities step into God’s call for their lives using their creative skills. She’s the CEO, Host, and Executive Producer of SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show and the Executive Recruiter for SHE MediaTech ™.

Imagine You Can’t Fail

First, sit in a quiet area with your pen and paper. Close your eyes, and visualize what you want your future to look like 5 years, 10 years, and maybe 20 years from now? What type of lifestyle have you imagined?

What tools will you need to reach the short-term goals?  Make sure to include destination dates to have them become measurable.  Suggested tools you can use to make things easier are 1); 2);  3) if you’re a business owner, consider speaking with an advisor who can guide or help you develop a plan for retirement, delegate your estate, and create financial security for your family.  Finally, determine if your current situation will allow you to reach your future goals.  Be realistic with yourself and encourage yourself to gain the knowledge or skill to make things happen.

I CHALLENGE you to do something different that will get you closer to the woman you desire to be.  What will it take?   One small step at a time.  Start by writing out your dreams and then taking the necessary steps to make it a reality.  These will be your strategic goal planning steps.  Don’t just write them down, but really seek what’s in your heart.  Then, watch your life flourish.   If you’ve tried these strategies and need or prefer working with a group, consider joining Sistah’s Circle, or SOAR?  You’re sure to manifest the goals you’re expecting to achieve.

Learn New Skills and Prepare For What’s Next

Acquiring a new skill is a journey.  To allow fresh ideas to flow in, we must be open to new opportunities.  Sometimes, the loudest voice of criticism we hear is our own, because we fear what others may say or think.  When we continuously tear ourselves down, we subconsciously give up hope.  So, it’s essential that we become our biggest cheerleader.  Not as a narcissist, but in a supportive way.  Being kind to ourselves is the highest level of support we could ever receive as humankind, and it provides many benefits.  Being kind to our self produces higher levels of self-esteem and confidence, which can be perceived by others as being gentle and compassionate.

The greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves is love.  If we could only love our self as much as we love others, everything in our world would shift.  It would be easier to forgive others, receive love from those who genuinely care, and accept the changes we experience.  Here are a few practices that can help you begin the process of preparing yourself for the journey of a new career.

Follow these steps to ensure that you’re going in the right direction:

Start with the basics.  We often jump past the fundamentals to speed up the learning process to say, “it’s complete.”  Take the time to absorb new information without having pre-judgment.  Approach the situation with a fresh mind and be eager to learn something new.  Be sure it’s in alignment with your overall goals, and not just another wealth of knowledge.  To find the right road, begin with material that explains how and where to get started.

Break down the tasks.  The larger the project, the higher the distance can seem overwhelming at first. Cut down your journey into manageable segments to avoid getting frustrated.  If there are many steps, use a calendar and project them as goals.  Identify what you intend to accomplish each step, and by when you want to have them completed.

Become an expert at each segment.  Don’t move on to this step until you’ve tested your knowledge. Try to get the same measurable results over and over before you move on.

Let go of the past.  As we get older, it can seem harder to pick up new skills, sometimes because of fears or old habits. When you’re learning something new, train your mind to let go of preconceived ideas that will slow your progress.  Create new practices that support your unique desires, and that will encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams.

Ask for directions. The key to understanding is to ask questions. Consult with experts who can guide you toward your destination. Develop some test questions for yourself as a way to really confirm your understanding of the material, and also help you to retain the information.

Sistah Soldier is an inspirational activist who helps veterans, women, and minorities step into the call of God for their lives. She’s the CEO, Host, and Producer of SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show. This article was written for She Serves, She Matters of Americas Heroes Group and The Chicago Crusader Newspaper.  Copyrights Reserved© Sistah Soldier 2019




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