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Extraordinary Content Doesn’t Happen By Accident or Even Hard Work…

Your Intuitiveness Is The Key

3 Keys to You Being an Intuitive Producer

Clarity About Who You Are, and Your Empathic Abilities to Further Refine Information

That Produces Highly Effective Content

What if you could stop wasting time trying to figure out how to trust your inner voice and learn to overcome the fear of being creative?

Maybe, it’s time to reinvent your business by connecting more with your creative purpose?  You know there’s creativeness inside of you, and abundance is waiting at the entrance door to usher you in if you could figure out the missing steps.  You know that if you had clarity, you would be able to finish the lingering projects, organize your business, get more clients, find the right job, and start bringing in revenue.

You’re tired of being stuck for long periods, showing up for job interviews, and walking away without the gig, or working in an underpaid job.  It’s obvious that if you could reinvent yourself or put together the right systems, you could earn money.  The situation has become so overwhelming that you want to give up, but you can’t (I’ve been there before).

Instead, You Want To…

  • Have clarity, a plan to follow, and understand how to develop your message

  • Claim your true worth, and understand how to price your product or services

  • Know how to create a safe space for clients to be vulnerable and communicate authentically

  • Feel confident you know who you’re attempting to reach and that you can use your authentic gifts and feel inspired about it

  • Be trusted as a leader who cares about the mission of those who follow you.

  • Be courageous enough to follow your gut while storytelling, writing, and content creating.

Confused With How to Merge Your Power, Productivity, and Communications

Are You Struggling with the ability to blend your intuitive services and passion for earning a living?

Every business, organization, or individual trying to achieve success in the marketplace needs clarity to achieve and maintain success. The Intuitive Producer Intensive is an interactive program that will help you clarify your business, personal, and career goals. Using a step-by-step process of goal setting, goal clarification, goal achievement, and goal maintenance, you will learn how to have a clear vision of your future and how to make it a reality.

Instead, find yourself…

  • Have a clear marketing plan, clear message, and a clear plan of reaching the right audience

  • Knowing how to create excellent media content

  • Experiencing calmness during a career transition, supported, having the ability to focus, or feeling relaxed about how you can reinvent yourself in the media industry?

  • iMPACTING Trillions and your business getting visibility?

  • Having sales conversations and making offers – conversations without feeling awkward or uncomfortable

  • No longer tired of feeling like a disconnected outcast and comparing yourself to other people

Freedom and Restoration from Injuries, Dishonor, and Hidden Limitations

Experience the Same Level of Liberty You Want Others to Have


The Intuitive Producer Intensive is based on the premise that there should be a way for people to have breakthroughs while narrating their stories with compassionate storytellers who have been through similar experiences. This program is designed to provide intuitive training to creative people looking to get their lives on track and lead others.


The IPI offers a small group of creatives committed to developing their leadership abilities using mixed media to reach their audiences with mentorship, coaching, bi-weekly webinars, and speaking services tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Extreme Freedom

  • A sense of belonging and loving your uniqueness and who you are

  • The freedom to own your intuitive gifts without feeling awkward

  • Confidence and the ability to trust yourself and the decisions you make

  • The ability to become intentional about your goals

  • Simple steps that provide the clarity you need to take action

  • Advancing to fulfill your purpose

  • Help more clients obtain their freedom and live out their passion.


As a Storyteller

  • How to trust your inner voice and share your untold stories so you can impact the lives of others

  • How to trust your Intuition and Innovate.

  • How healing begins with you

  • How to own your creativity and live your life from the inside out

  • How to communicate with others

  • How to get your client’s attention

  • Why being an Influencer matters

  • How to select the best media outlet for your message

  • How to let your personality flow

  • How to brand your message

Feel like it’s a good fit?

Can’t wait until the next opening?  Feel free to join our online community to connect with other influencers and leaders, sharing untold stories to lead others.



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