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The Women Veterans Leadership Debut and Summit Interviews Are Happening Now!

You know if you had the right tools, to gain exposure and get the right publicity you can reach your stakeholders.

Without the right marketing tools, it could take years to have the impact you want to have.  I’ve been there, and that’s why we’ve created the Women Veterans Leadership Debut to help you launch your mission as far and wide as possible.


  • you’ve never had a speaking engagement, 

  • or a professional reel to provide when asked for one, 

  • you’re just getting started, 

  • or you simply need updated content. 

Receive a private consultation with me or someone on my team to help you clarify your story, create a marketing strategy, and a “Professional Director” to help you create your best interview.

In addition…

  • You’ll receive a Personal Interview for the Debut. 

  • Interview converted into a video and edited

  • Your Interview Broadcasted on Television

  • Scriptwriting

  • Private Coaching

  • Marketing on multiple Social Media Platforms

  • An article on the SHE Voices™ News Magazine

  • An Interview Reel                               

  • A interview on our podcast SHE VET Talks

  • Additional add-ons are available upon request                                                                                 

 Total Value $10,594


 Starting at $3,500

…and that’s not all,

  • You may be selected as one of the Speakers, or featured during the 2022 HerLegacy™ Leadership Summit.

We’ll broadcast your speech and present it to countless attendees on a virtual platform.  This is the perfect way to engage participants, and connect with sponsors, and gain new followers.

…what difference would it make if your business or services could have more exposure?

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I know what it takes to get your voice heard.  A little preparation, the right team, and the right tools will get you there.  So, before you lose hope, or get discouraged, contact us to have a professional’s point of view!

What are you waiting for?  Let’s Do THIS!  Your extended community is waiting to hear from you, and the world is waiting to meet you!  Fill out the application below, send it, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible!



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