I help Women PUSH through the crisis of identity And live fulfilled lives

When I transitioned from the Army, I felt fear, doubt, and I didn’t understand who I had become. I knew I was skilled and could accomplish my job perfectly if I possessed the right tools. In a perfect world, my new job would transition into a similar position. The problem was I was injured and could not physically perform the required functions of my career as usual.
I was afraid of what my future would look like, didn’t know my value, resumes were a mystery, and the transition assistance program was a joke. I didn’t feel prepared to step into the corporate world. I wanted to be my boss but didn’t have a clue where to begin. I was going to be my new supervisor. I opened a checking account, registered my business, then mingled the funds because I needed money. It was a cycle of earning it – then paid my-self. I saved nothing. Soon, I was out of funds and out of business. Being determined, I pursued and would start it all over again. This routine went on for years until I discovered a different strategy. One that would help me become authentic, understand who and who’s I AM, see my value, and generate revenue.
I became a Realtor. Worked with some of the most elite agents around the country, helping buyers purchase and maintain ownership of their most important investment in life. I took on the intense and challenging cases to help owners who face foreclosure strategically keep their homes or begin a fresh start with dignity. A natural flow of what I do best began to emerge in a new way, and I started creating programs and courses to train others how to use their faith and SOAR OUT LOUD™.
It wasn’t much longer before my television show evolved. I was trying to hide, but God said, “NO!” It was at that moment; I knew I needed to stop hiding and sound my voice using whatever platform He’s presented to me to reach people just like you who are where I once was or currently am. This journey has been incredible as I’ve watched men and women discover their faith, develop trust, obtain more in-depth relationships with God, build their confidence, and launch successful businesses through the manifestation of life long dreams. That’s the only way I know how to live, and I want to help you understand the process of trusting your intuition, discovering your purpose, and living unapologetically about who you were created to be.

Having Me As Your Mentor Can Provide A Direct Access to Oriented Solutions And Faster Results

Who I Work With

Go Getters and Visionaries

  • Career Professionals
  • Inspiredpreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Life Changers
  • Transitioner’s
  • Mentors
  • Women in the Military Community

How Will You Know If This Is for You?

You’re going through a transition, and your confused. You desire to increase your self-esteem or self-worth. You’re unsure how to change to direction of your current status. You’re business is not growing or developing. You’re a leader and you need to improve your work performance, or you’re tired of not having results with your current employment.

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